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01 Apr

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NAME Surname (author 1)
title/position (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, teaching assistant, junior teaching assistant / Ph.D. or Ph.D. student), Faculty of ……./Department….., “……..” University, City, Country, e-mail

(Times New Roman, 10 pt., bold + italic, center)

Abstract: (Times New Roman, 10 pt., italic, 1.27 cm indent, justify) The abstract will not exceed 100 words. It will mention the aim of the paper, research goals and expected results.

Key words: (Times New Roman, 10 pt., 1.27 cm indent, justify) minimum 3 and maximum 5

JEL classification: (Times New Roman, 10 pt., 1.27 cm indent, justify) available at the following address

1. Introduction
Papers will be written in English and will be of maximum 6 pages long.
Page format: A4. Margins: top – 2 cm; bottom – 2 cm; left – 2.5 cm; right – 2 cm; Header and Footer: 1.27 cm; Times New Roman, 11 pt.; justify; single space.
Participants can send an individual paper.

2. Sections
Sections should be numbered consecutively, using Arabic numerals (e.g. 2, 3 etc.) and subsections may be double-numbered (e.g. 2.1., 2.2. etc.).
Equations should be aligned to left margin and numbered consecutively, as in Equation (1).
Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively (e.g. Table 1, Table 2; Figure 1, Figure 2).
Text of the equations, tables and figures: Times New Roman, 10 pt., single space.
Please do not use colours in tables and figures. Authors are advised to prepare their figures in black and white, in high resolution (300 dpi).
We would prefer the style shown in Table 1 or Figure 1.

Table 1: Table title (Times New Roman, 10 pt., bold, center)
Column 1 title                  Column 2 title                       Column 3 title                            Column n title
Row 1 title                 Times New Roman, 10 pt.       Times New Roman, 10 pt.       Times New Roman, 10 pt.
Row 2 title                 Times New Roman, 10 pt.       Times New Roman, 10 pt.       Times New Roman, 10 pt.
Row 3 title                 Times New Roman, 10 pt.       Times New Roman, 10 pt.       Times New Roman, 10 pt.
Source: (Times New Roman, 10 pt.)


3. Conclusions
Do not add any text to the header and footer, not even page numbers.
Papers can only be submitted on-line in DOC format to this e-mail address –
All submissions are subject to a double blind review process. Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and contribution.
Accepted papers will be published in the CD Conference Proceedings with ISBN.

4. References
References to the literature in the main text should use the form: Hayek (1960); Mises (1949); (Hayek, 1967, p. 190). Footnotes should be avoided.
References should be set out in alphabetical order of the author’s name in a list at the end of the paper, in a standard form, as in the following examples:

• Hayek F.A. (2005) The Road to Serfdom, The Institute of Economic Affairs.
• Hulsmann J.G. (1998) Toward a general Theory of Error Cycle, The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, vol. 1, no. 4, available at, p. 1-23.
• Rothbard M.N. (1995) Richard Cantillon: The Founding Father of Modern Economics, in An Austrian Perspective of the History of Economic Thought, vol. I, Economic Thought before Adam Smith, p. 343 – 362.
• NBER (2010) Business Cycle Dates, US Business Cycle Expansions and Contractions.

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